To China, with love

The trouble with China is largely that is far, far away and getting there takes a while.

Rocket_LaunchOn the one hand I am a big fan of air travel – it gets you very far, very fast. On the other hand I hate air travel – you pay to get yourself locked up in an aluminium cylinder for hours on end with no escape and no sleep. The food I had eaten on planes thus far was not so bad but this trip it was horrible (yes Aeroflot , I am talking about you) and I was glad I brought some snacks with me. Our total airtime was just under twelve hours, with a waiting time of 2 hours at Moscow airport – which is basically a shopping mall with gates.

DSC05618Finally arriving at Hong Kong airport, the magic started. “Can you smell that? Chinese air!” Getting stickered into a sky limo, crossing the border and an extremely overpriced illegal taxi got us from Hong Kong airport to our Shenzhen apartment in another 3 hours. None of us really slept on the plane and we were so jetlagged that the floor was wobbly. When we set out to explore our neighbourhood and look for some food, we walked the wrong way (and back) four times.

Early night all round – it’s great to be back.

We will be here for almost two weeks – so if you  have any specific Shenzhen / Made In China questions, let us know and we can find out!