Essential tools (aka: shit we think is awesome)

A list of stuff we regularly use/love/recommend:

JBC Nano Rework Station

Our favorite soldering iron! Here are the details. Soldering has finally become “boring”.


Any will do – get a whole bunch on Aliexpress – they break easily if you try to cut thick leads.

Chinese Factory Screwdrivers

Again Aliexpress – search for electric screwdrivers with a 4 or 5mm shank. They look cylindrical and sometimes come with ceiling-mounts. This is the kind of screwdriver factoryworkers will use to screw together massproduced items. The ergonomics + speed are optimized for heavy/rapid usage – ideal if you standardize your prototypes on certain types of screwhead. The bits are a bit “odd” (ie: unavailable at the local hardwarestore..) – but they are also available on Aliexpress.

Proxxon Tablesaw

See here: a small + accurate sawblade to cut off boards for rapid enclosure construction. Perfect mitering.

A drillpress

Get one. A nice one with an easy quickrelease chuck.

Forex plastic sheet

Easy stuff for rapid enclosures/boardmounts

Rubber feet

Get sheets of these! Never again shall your prototype slide to the ground!