Shenzhen 2015

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The plan for our 2015 trip:

  • arrive 9th of April – leave the 23rd of April
  • install ourselves in our apartment in Futian next to the Shenzhen Golf park and close to the Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • visit CITE and MCU! MCU!
  • visit the electronics markets Huaqiangbei, Yihua and Depu with our shopping list and room for surprises
  • visit local businesses, factories, hacker-spaces, incubators and meet interesting people
  • get to know the city centre and Dong Men a bit more
  • have a spa day

There are very few places around the world more connected to electronics production than Shenzhen, China. If your device says ‘Made in China’ this is probably where it comes from. During our stay, we want to share our experience of Shenzhen. The madness of manufacturing and the Chinese wall of language and cultural differences that we expect to run into and climb over. If you have any specific questions about Shenzhen – tweet us @rocket_not and we will be you experimentators.

We are not the first to be excited about Shenzhen and heartily recommend these sources:
Dangerous Prototypes
Seeeed studio – Maker map
Oomlaut – a systematic approach to Huanqiangbei

Our group this year


Stijn Kuipers

Freelance inventor with own basement, CEO of Void, created Blok, hardware and software design LinkedIn Twitter

When in doubt, fail harder!


Priscilla Haring

Experimental research settings, learning by gaming expert, haute catering, mediator Website

 Share & enjoy! Building education out of the experiences, code and design files of TINRS. I would like to develop the data we create in order to make them more shareable and spread the core concept.

foto Rik

Rik Arends

Building a new programming language and growing a beard LinkedIn

 Building better programming tools to get the most out of your hardware – Help you crazy people make cool stuff. 


Roman Buehler

IT support, crazy hair, visualizer, omega-tester, generally interested LinkedIn

 Investigating what kind of projects can be started between the TINRS team and my network in China. Building relationships and travel a lot.

fsm 5x5 protoboard

Eddy Bruel

Going from software to hardware at break-neck speed LinkedIn