Shenzhen 2014

shenzhen header


There are very few places around the world more suitable for electronics production than Shenzhen, China. In this city you can find a huge bazaar full of skyscrapers selling parts.

Our current schedule:

  • fly to Hong Kong
  • stay there for 2 nights
  • take the train to Shenzhen where we will stay for 10 days
  • install ourselves in our appartment next to the Window of the World (this location is completely by accident… really)
  • go to the Shenzhen Maker Faire
  • visit the electronics markets with our (currently) six page shopping list and room for surprises
  • brainstorm, design and build
  • visit local businesses, factories and interesting people
  • return to Hong Kong for one more night
  • fly back to Amsterdam

During our stay, we will be blogging and giving you updates on our brainstorm/design sessions. Beyond the design files and technical details we also want to share our experience of Shenzhen. The madness of manufacturing and the Chinese wall of language/culture we expect to run into and climb over. If you have any specific questions about on-the-ground interactions – tweet us and we will be you experimentors.

We wanted to share this wonderful promo of the Shenzhen Maker Faire with you: