Food #3 Lunch around Huaqianbei

All that running around looking for components can make a person really hungry. Luckily, on the corners and the backstreet of the market little stalls are selling many types of steamed or boiled goodies for us to try.

For round one of the lunch we started with sausage type things on a stick. By the time I remembered to get my camera, there was only one bite left. Some smaller steamed dumplings with indeterminable things in them, a larger steamed bun with something resembling sweet potato, and sticks with large fluffy fried tofu(??) that leaks broth when you eat it.

I liked the sausage and bigger steamed bun best of this bunch. The fluffy tofu wasn’t a bit hit. Not very tasty at all and squirting broth all over the place. Tried and deleted.

For the second round, we got some other steamed buns, dumplings and what turned out to be pancake/fish balls. The flakes of dried fish that are sprinkled on top of the balls move in the heat – giving the whole thing a more liveley experience.

I was the only one eating the fish balls and thought they were very good; crunchy pastry on the outside with a very soft texture in the middle. The flavour is mild and the sauce and fish flakes really complement it. Inspiration to make some spring onion & cod poffertjes when we get back home. The steamed bun was filled with something even better than the buns before and the other dumplings (which had meat, I think) were yummy too! They indeed deserve their own little container.

An excellent lunch!