Food #1 Sunday lunch in a shopping mall

Besides the amazing availability of electronics, another drive for coming to China is the food. It is Yum-Yam good. We do not speak or read any Chinese and often we do not know what we are getting. This leads to many nice surprises and a few disgusting disappointments. I will happily take the ultraspicy and the occasional fermented flaky snail in stride with the rest of my Tasting of China.

As was my motto on Couchsurfing : To see interesting cultures, and eat them.

After locating the Civic centre we had to fuel up before actually doing the museum. Along the sides of a nearby square, inside a shopping mall there was line of people waiting to get into this beautiful Chinese version of fast food. Upon entering you get a sort of menu-grid piece of paper. With this you stand in the buffet line. There is an ‘open kitchen’ stashing whatever they are cooking behind a windowed buffet and you point at things (if you speak Chinese you probably just ask for them) get your grid stamped and receive the food you selected. You do this until you have tried everything you want and pay whatever you were stamped on your way out.

Sunday lunch

We loaded the table twice – but I was so busy eating that I only took one picture.

What you see here is a tofu/ mushroom/ celery toss, cooked lotus root slices dumpling and lotus/ rice cakes with sesame (I think) with some sort of refried-dumpling-spring roll.

Tea on the side, always tea on the side.

I would heartily recommend eating here to anyone, if only I knew what the place was called.