About Us

We intend to uncover the ‘seemingly difficult’ and find out just how easy everything is. All the information you need is out there and all things are possible. So we will dig in, find out and share the results. Determined that we can make anything, our direction is guided by what we want to create and whether or not we should. We believe that making yourself go WOW! is the best reason to do anything  – and changing things that make you go ‘meh’ is another good reason.

“Everything is easy, once you know how to do it.”

We do what we do as open as we can. This means sharing our designs, our code, places of manufacturing and our process. We hope that our experiences are useful to others. We believe in combining experts in open collaboration and making the magic happen. If you believe that you can do better – we invite you to do so and to tell everyone.

Our team


Stijn Kuipers

Freelance inventor with own basement, CEO of Void, created Blok, hardware and software design LinkedIn Twitter

When in doubt, fail harder!


Priscilla Haring

Experimental research settings, learning by gaming expert, haute catering, mediator Website

 Share & enjoy! Building education out of the experiences, code and design files of TINRS. I would like to develop the data we create in order to make them more shareable and spread the core concept.

foto Rik

Rik Arends

Building a new programming language and growing a beard LinkedIn

 Building better programming tools to get the most out of your hardware – Help you crazy people make cool stuff. 


Kzrysztof Foltman

Quiet jazz pianist, head honcho at Calf plug-in, digital signal processing perfectionist LinkedIn Calf

I would like to build a product like my full electronic drum kit, to experience the entire process of making a commercial product. This would of course include recordings of samples and still remain Open Hardware. I would need some help with the physical design of the things you hit.


Roman Buehler

IT support, crazy hair, visualizer, omega-tester, generally interested LinkedIn

 Investigating what kind of projects can be started between the TINRS team and my network in China. Building relationships and travel a lot.

fsm 5x5 protoboard

Eddy Bruel

Going from software to hardware at break-neck speed LinkedIn



Lauri Koponen

Connecting and tracking you via satellite, synth builder, Finn to the beat Blog


Roy Bekhuis

Communication and process management, line up master, questioneer LinkedIn


Niko Kuipers

Old school artist, fly collector, not the voice of reason Facebook